A New Community Plan = An Opportunity for Kearny Mesa

  • Reinforce Kearny Mesa’s role as a job center for San Diego
  • Identify strategies to enhance how people commute
  • Promote the Convoy corridor as a walkable destination
  • Be a model community for how to plan for climate change
  • Revitalize key activity centers and increase employment options

The City of San Diego has kicked off Kearny Mesa Connected, a collaborative effort to update the Kearny Mesa Community Plan. This process will help the City and the community determine how Kearny Mesa will develop in the future so it continues to thrive as a key employment center for the City, while enhancing the diverse opportunities that the community has to offer.

The existing community plan for Kearny Mesa has not been updated since 1992, and a lot has changed since then. Our population has grown and continues to grow, and we need to ensure that we continue to provide opportunities for employment. New transportation projects and mobility options are planned that will help guide future growth. And with the adoption of the Climate Action Plan (CAP), we need to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet state mandates by 2035.

Kearny Mesa Connected will provide a road map to guide the future growth of the community for the next 20 years. Working closely with the public, the City will update the existing community plan with community-supported solutions to protect and enhance prime industrial lands, promote key activity centers and cultural opportunities, and connect Kearny Mesa to the future.


  1. Population and Demographics are Changing
    Accommodating and strengthening the industrial and business opportunities with considerate integration of housing choices will help meet the needs of the community.
  2. Protects Our Quality of Life
    Planning for future housing and businesses helps avoid the negative consequences of unplanned growth and ensures it will provide community benefits.
  3. Financing Necessary Infrastructure
    Addresses future infrastructure demand and ensures it meets community needs.
  4. Addresses Climate Change
    Identifies improvements to safe and accessible travel for bicycles, pedestrians, transit users, and vehicles while reducing impacts on the environment.


City of San Diego General Plan

Kearny Mesa Connected is one of 53 community plans in the City of San Diego, each of which is a component of the City’s General Plan. The General Plan is comprised of 10 elements that provide a comprehensive slate of citywide policies and further the City of Villages smart growth strategy for growth and development.

The community plans are a part of the Land Use Element of the General Plan. Community plans provide more detailed land use designations and site-specific policy recommendations than is practical at the citywide level. Community plans typically address community issues such as: the local street and transit network; distinctive environmental characteristics; community landmarks; location, prioritization and provision of public facilities; community urban design guidelines; and identification of gateways. Together, the General Plan and the community plans seek to guide future growth and development to achieve citywide and community level goals. All of the adopted community plans must be consistent with the goals and policies of the General Plan.

Climate Action Plan

In addition to the General Plan, community plans are also tasked with doing their part to implement the recently-adopted Climate Action Plan, which calls for a 50 percent reduction in San Diego’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. The Climate Action Plan is a package of policies that will benefit San Diego’s environment and economy. It will help create new jobs in the renewable energy industry, improve public health and air quality, conserve water, more efficiently use existing resources, increase clean energy production, improve quality of life and save taxpayer money.

Kearny Mesa Connected will outline community-specific policies and recommendations for actions that will implement the goals of the Climate Action Plan.

Airport and Land Use Compatibility Planning for Montgomery Field

The City strives to ensure land use planning is compatible with airport operations. State law requires that the Airport Authority, as the Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC), prepare Airport Land Use Compatibility Plans (ALUCPs) containing the policies and procedures for land use and airport compatibility for areas surrounding each airport. The City coordinates with the ALUC and airport operators on preparing and amending, community plans, zoning, development regulations, and the review of certain development proposals within airport influence areas to ensure protection of residents, workers, visitors, and airport operations. The Montgomery Field ALUCP is available for review.

The City of San Diego Airports Division is currently in the process of updating the master plan for the Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport. During this process, the needs and demands of airport tenants, users and the general public will be considered. This separate master planning process will define the vision and provide the necessary framework to guide airport development for the next 20 years. More information is available at: www.sdairportplans.com/.