Answers and responses to commonly asked questions about the Kearny Mesa Community Plan Update will be provided on this page. This list will be updated periodically in response to additional frequently asked questions and inquiries about the process.

What is a Community Plan?

Kearny Mesa is one of 53 community plans in the City of San Diego, each of which is a part of the Land Use Element of the General Plan. Community plans provide more detailed land use designations and site-specific policy recommendations that are practical at the citywide level. Together, the General Plan and community plans seek to guide future growth and development to achieve citywide and community level goals. All of the adopted community plans must be consistent with the goals and policies of the General Plan.

Why is the Kearny Mesa plan being updated?

This process will help the City and the community determine how Kearny Mesa will develop in the future so it continues to thrive as a key employment area for the City, while enhancing the diverse opportunities that the community has to offer. New transportation projects and mobility options are planned that will help guide future growth. And with the adoption of the Climate Action Plan (CAP), we need to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet state mandates by 2035. The updated plan will provide a road map to guide the future growth of the community for the next 20 years.

How does the Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport relate to the Community Plan Update process for Kearny Mesa?

The Kearny Mesa Community Plan Update will outline the vision and strategies to support community character and establish goals and policies to address land use, mobility, urban design, and public facilities. The Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Field Municipal Airport occupies 500 acres and is a major land use within Kearny Mesa. The City’s General Plan Mobility Element discusses the important role that airports have as an economic driver for San Diego. The airport land use is not a focus for the update led by the Planning Department. The Community Plan Update will consider whether new land uses are appropriate and compatible near the airport, however, the Community Plan Update will not consider alternate uses for the airport. The presence of an active airport places development limitations on some surrounding areas related to height and noise sensitivity that will be considered during the update. As part of the update to the Kearny Mesa Community Plan, the City will submit the draft community plan, development regulations, and zoning to the Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) for review with the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan, consistent with Policy LU-G.2 in the General Plan Land Use and Community Planning Element.

Over the years, the City has received federal grant funding for airport development projects, including land acquisition. As an airport sponsor, the City has agreed to specific grant assurances, which state, “There shall be no limit on the duration of the terms, conditions, and assurances with respect to real property acquired with federal funds” (refer to page 1 under section B, Duration and Applicability, in this document FAA Assurances). Additionally, two grants received in 1948 and 1951 outline the City’s responsibility to maintain the airport in perpetuity. The City of San Diego Airports Division is currently in the process of updating the master plan for the Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport. During this process, the needs and demands of airport tenants, users and the general public will be considered. This separate master planning process will define the vision and provide the necessary framework to guide airport development for the next 20 years. More information is available at:

How can I get Involved in the Kearny Mesa Update?

The public involvement program will encompass a number of coordinated efforts to inform and engage community members on priorities and alternative plans. Public involvement opportunities to be incorporated throughout the planning process include: reading plan documents, attending meetings and workshops, responding to surveys, submitting public comments, requesting a presentation for your group or organization, and helping to spread the word on social media. To receive notifications about the Kearny Mesa Community Plan Update, please provide your contact information here.

Is there a trolley line planned for Kearny Mesa?

Yes. San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), the regional planning agency that provides the framework to connect our land use to our transportation systems, has developed a Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). SANDAG’s RTP proposes a future purple line trolley that will run from San Ysidro to Kearny Mesa. This project will make it easier to get from point A to point B, and allow commuters more flexibility with their mode of travel helping to preserve our environment and protect our quality of life.

The Community Plan Update will guide development in Kearny Mesa so it continues to thrive as a key employment center, while capitalizing on the opportunity to plan land uses around future transit locations in Kearny Mesa. The new purple line will expand the transit network and connections to Kearny Mesa. Transit options are important for existing commuters and for providing new connections and increased transit ridership opportunities from neighboring communities.

View the Final Purple Line Conceptual Planning Study