The process to develop Kearny Mesa Connected will be collaborative and include a number of opportunities for public input. The City will meet on a regular basis with the Kearny Mesa Planning Group’s Community Plan Subcommittee, public workshops will be conducted, and opportunities to share your input online will be available at key milestones in the planning process. The result of this process will be a new draft Community Plan for Kearny Mesa. An Environmental Impact Report will also be prepared to assess the potential environmental impacts of implementing the plan, along with necessary mitigation measures.

Kearny Mesa Connected Schedule

A draft Community Plan, including a draft land use and transportation plan, will be developed, and an environmental impact report will be prepared.


Plan Update Launch

  • Project Introduction
  • Kick-off Workshop
  • Data Collection
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Website Launch
  • Community Plan Update Subcommittee Meeting

Existing Conditions and Visioning

  • Existing Conditions Documentation
  • Community Plan Update (CPU) Subcommittee Meetings
  • Community Dialogue Sessions
  • Vision for the Future

Development of Plan Alternatives

  • Smart Growth Employment Areas
  • Land Us Alternatives
  • Mobility Concepts
  • Public Facilities
  • Zoning
  • Community Plan Update (CPU) Subcommittee Meetings
  • Community Dialogue Sessions
  • Online Engagement
2018 – 2019

CEQA Environmental Review

  • Draft Environmental Impact Report
  • Draft Community Plan Update (CPU)

Preparation of Final Community Plan & EIR

  • Final Community Plan Update (CPU)
  • Public Hearing Process